Hospice Auction!

This dress with sparkles and an amazing blue color called my name ages ago, with no idea where I would have an opportunity to wear it, I bought the dress.

Honestly, I bought it online and when it arrived, it didn’t fit…I couldn’t zip it up all the way. 

Saturday afternoon when I was preparing for volunteering at the Hospice of the Northwest Foundations auction; I remembered this dress.

The auction theme was Atlantis, doesn’t this dress scream Atlantis? It’s long and flowy and even in heels it was too long, just a gorgeous piece of clothing!

I climbed into the dress…and it zipped! Well, it wasn’t that easy, I was home alone so it took a bit of arm bending, jumping, hopping, and tricep stretches to get the dress zipped, but it happened!

So many people complimented my dress, it was such a wonderful feeling; that and being a part of the team that helped raise over $200k for Hospice care in our area.  Absolutely love being a part of this community!

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