Erin’s Accomplishment Coaching Training Weekend One

Photo credit: VooDoo Child Photography, Kymber Gustin 2020

What a gift this year long program with Accomplishment Coaching is. An opportunity that I’ve worked towards for year. Learning from experienced life coaches, leaders and my teammates over the next year is going to be a tremendously vulnerable, invigorating, exciting and at times overwhelming experience.

There will be 12 weekends; here is my synopsis of weekend one.

We started out discussing being. What being is and what it is not. For me, ‘being’ is authentic, true, funny, trusting, filled with light and love. ‘Being’ is not fearful, hidden, lost, silent or jealous.

Exploring the ‘being’ of others, recognizing what each human puts in the way of their own ‘being’ and learning more about ontology was 14 hours well spent. Listening, learning, crying, laughing, encouraging, inspiring, loving and deeply connecting with other humans. All on Zoom no less!

I’m looking forward to weekend two in September, one of my all-time favorite months (perhaps because it’s the month I was born?)

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